All is calm

When I worked at the library I worked 40 hours a week, and was off every weekend.  I enjoyed my job, I liked being off on the weekends.  I had time to enjoy with my kids and my husband.

Now that I work at Target, I’m at 35 hours a week, but being in the retail world, I have to work Saturdays.  That means I have a day off during the week, and the day off on Sunday.

And you know what?  It’s the greatest thing ever. 

I have Sundays to enjoy my family, plus most Saturday afternoons if I work until 1.  The day off during the week?  It’s bliss.

I’m home to send the kids to school, and to send Dan off to work.  Then I have the house all to myself.  That’s when all is calm, and all is bright. 

I have time to get laundry done, do the shopping, run errands.  Most of the time I meet Dan and we go out to lunch.  Sometimes I take a nap.  Or I catch up on my DVR.  My weekday day off is when I recharge my batteries.  It’s a break from the busy work world of Target, a time when I can let my hair air dry and I can wear leggings as pants. 

(Shut up, Pam, they can be pants.)

And when the kids get home from school, I can be with them.  We stop at the library, we get the homework done, I “help” them clean their rooms.  We have together time, and I can make a real dinner instead of frozen pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches.  We have family time, and if we’re totally lucky, Dan doesn’t have any meetings and he’s home too.

It’s a taste of the old days of being a stay-at-home mom, without the crappy (non) paycheck of a stay-at-home mom. 

So if you’re looking for me today, I’ll be making Christmas treats with my nephew Oliver, and then I’ll be grocery shopping.  If I’m extra lucky, I’ll sneak in a nap. 

All is calm, indeed.

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