Because a computer should have an I key

Yesterday was my day off.  Usually on my day off, Dan and I meet for lunch.  It’s a nice time for us to sit and talk without the kids interrupting, and we usually eat somewhere yummy that the kids wouldn’t like.  It’s grownup time.

For a while now we’ve been talking about getting a new family computer.  We’ve been using my old laptop that we bought in 2008, which is now missing some important keys, including the I.

The I is a pretty important letter.  

Plus the fact that the computer would shut down without notice–which is frustrating if you’re in the middle of a Facebook Thirty One party, or, say, a game of Kitchen Scramble.


So we had decided to stop by Best Buy and take a look around at computers.  We’ve done this before, and my husband is the “ok I’ll think about this” type of person, so I knew we wouldn’t be leaving with a new computer.

Except we did.

Not because I was “begging” for one, mind you, but because he decided to surprise me with buying a computer and printer on the spot.  Sometimes, even after 16 years of marriage, he can still surprise me.

What a treat to be able to type a whole blog post with the I intact.  And now maybe I’ll be able to get through that tricky level of Kitchen Scramble.

We all have our important priorities, after all.

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