Bring on the show tunes

I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter on Facebook and Twitter lately about Moms who are so tired of this song:


I’ve always loved a good movie song. I’m known to belt them out as the movie plays, especially if the movie is Grease, The Sound of Music, or The Music Man. In fact, I think if I suggested watching a musical to my dear husband, he’d rather have a root canal.

Enter my dear daughter Emma.

I’ve passed the show tune gene on to her, thankfully.  She has the same ability as I do to memorize the words of a song after listening to it once or twice.  We love to belt out songs with each other, and the Frozen soundtrack is no exception.  Dan and the boys have rolled their eyes endlessly at our singing.  It doesn’t stop us!

There’s a certain freedom to belting out a good show tune.  It’s a stress reliever!  Especially if you dance along and throw your arms out, re-enacting the scenes.  Try it sometime.  You’d be surprised how good you feel!  I’m glad that Emma gets such joy out of singing as I do.

We make a good pair.

Now excuse me while I sing along…

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