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What a glorious Christmas card it would be…..

Tweet My director sent me an email on Tuesday, with the subject line:  “Now you know what you’re getting Dan for Christmas.”  I opened the email, and there was this picture: I KNOW, RIGHT?  WHAT A SWEATER. Not that I … Continue reading

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So I met this guy the other night.

Tweet Have you ever seen videos of young girls at pop concerts that are all screaming and crying and fainting because they just saw Joey from the New Kids On the Block live in person? Have you ever known a … Continue reading

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Tweet I was born and raised in Minnesota, but I consider myself a Wisconsin girl. True, I’ve only lived here for 6 years (including a year for Dan’s vicarage way back when he was in Seminary) but my heart belongs … Continue reading

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10 Things I love about Football

Tweet 1.  Aaron Rodgers Image Source 2.  Clay Matthews Image Source 3.  Jordy Nelson Image Source 4.  Peyton Manning Image Source 5.  Eli Manning Image Source 6.  Randall Cobb Image Source 7.  JJ Watt Image Source 8.  Russell Wilson Image … Continue reading

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The newest member of the family

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I have a complicated marriage.

Tweet Our relationship has always been complicated. When we got engaged, we had to tell people we have a mixed marriage. I’m a Packer fan. He’s a Viking fan. This was our engagement photo: Cripes.  Look how young and skinny … Continue reading

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I feel like I need this sign in my house this morning

Tweet If you watched Monday Night Football last night, you know why. For the record, that was an interception, and the Pack should have won the game. It’s time for the NFL to get the real refs back in the … Continue reading

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Fall is…

Tweet …homemade soup or chili and crusty bread. …a cool rainy day and a mug of hot chocolate.  …the crunch of fall leaves under your feet. …football games under Friday night lights. …hayrides into a pumpkin patch, to find just … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season

Tweet I love this time of year.  School is starting on Tuesday.  The weather (hopefully) will soon get cooler. FOOTBALL IS STARTING. The Badgers start their season on Saturday.  The Packers just finished up their preseason, and start their regular … Continue reading

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