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It was just a rump roast

Tweet In the past year and a half or so I’ve learned a lot about grief. Losing both my parents with in just over a year will do that to you. Grief, as I’ve learned, is……excuse my language but this … Continue reading

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She would have been 77 today. Remembering her with love.

Tweet                             You can see it in their eyes, In tender hugs and long good-byes, a love that only moms and daughters know.   You can see … Continue reading

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That darn blacktop

Tweet August 30, 1982.  My first day of Kindergarten.  I can still see the room with the tables, the stations, the rug where we’d sit and listen to Mrs. Potter read.  We were only her second class and she was … Continue reading

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Bedroom Voice

Tweet I used to ROCK OUT to this song in elementary school. I had the 45 record and would play it all day long. I knew every word. I laugh, thinking about it now, because of this line: He tells … Continue reading

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The Finkel Meal

Tweet My brother and nephew stopped by on Sunday.  They were on their way to do some cleaning at Mom and Dad’s, and had to pick up the trailer.  Being the good Lutheran woman I am, I asked if I … Continue reading

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Making Valentines Day Special

Tweet My mom loves holidays.  I remember growing up, our house was always decorated for the season, from the refrigerator magnets to the fake flowers in vases around the house. Mom always made the holidays special for me as a … Continue reading

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My life on a plate

Tweet I recently began watching the show, The Taste.  On this show, there are four teams with four professional and famous mentor chefs.  Each show has two challenges- a team challenge and a personal challenge.  The other night, the challenge … Continue reading

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Mrs. Chapman

Tweet She wore bright pink blush in two big streaks on her cheeks.  She had red hair, and always dressed nice- like a teacher would.  She taught English to a bunch of sixth graders- kids who had just started middle … Continue reading

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My little dinosaur lover

Tweet He was so excited about visiting the museum…     That he made his own museum!   Love that boy. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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Longest Drive EVER.

Tweet One Spring in my Junior year of college, Dan and I traveled to visit his former college roommate in Mandan, North Dakota.  He was at his first teaching job, and they were having a big banquet and he invited us to … Continue reading

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