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It was just a rump roast

Tweet In the past year and a half or so I’ve learned a lot about grief. Losing both my parents with in just over a year will do that to you. Grief, as I’ve learned, is……excuse my language but this … Continue reading

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Almost deleted

Tweet I almost deleted yesterday’s post.  It’s Christmastime after all, and the last thing I want to be is depressing.  I also wondered if I’m coming off as “whiny.”  Maybe I write about my mom’s illness and death too much. … Continue reading

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This is HARD.

Tweet For the first time in my life, I’m completely apathetic about Christmas.  I Just.  Don’t.  Care.  I put my Christmas trees up about a week before Thanksgiving.  I love them, I’m happy to have them up and love the … Continue reading

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Dear Mom,

Tweet I’m reading a book right now about a woman who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  It’s told from her point of view.  She’s struggling.  Struggling with little things.  And it breaks my heart. I’m sorry for all the times … Continue reading

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Tweet In the past few months, I’ve learned that grief is almost like a disease.  No one wants to suffer from grief.  Like some forms of illness, some days you feel good, and some days you feel bad.  Some days … Continue reading

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She would have been 77 today. Remembering her with love.

Tweet                             You can see it in their eyes, In tender hugs and long good-byes, a love that only moms and daughters know.   You can see … Continue reading

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A year of firsts

Tweet Two 19ths have passed since my mom passed away.  I made it through the 19th of September with a few tears.  I didn’t even realize it was the 19th of October until late in the day.  That’s progress.  She’s … Continue reading

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Mom’s Thin Pancakes

Tweet I’ve been missing my Mom this week.  A lot of things have brought it on–her birthday coming up being the biggest one.  So Wednesday I did the best thing I could to feel close to her. I cooked one … Continue reading

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Still hurting

Tweet I had a pretty good week.  I’m healing, my dad is healing.   But every once and a while, something comes along and rips that scab right off, and I’m hurting once again.  Like just now, when I opened … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

Tweet I got the call around 8:45pm on Monday, August 18th.  The nurse on duty in the Memory Care Ward said my mom was failing.  I knew she had been put on a maintenance dose of morphine for pain earlier … Continue reading

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