Everyone has a few pet peeves in life.  Little things like bad grammar, having more than 20 items in the express lane, or wearing socks with sandals.  They’re pet peeves, little things that annoy you.

My pet peeve probably is more than a pet.  It’s more like a monster.  I HATE the sound of chewing/eating.  

I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember.  I probably get it from my mother, who didn’t like anyone to chew with their mouths open.  But it’s not only that for me.  It’s the sounds people make when they eat.  The sound of chewing, slurping, swallowing–they make me CRAZY!  And don’t even get me started on gum snappers.

BUT–little did I know, this is actually a psychological condition!  From Wikipedia:

Misophonia, literally “hatred of sound”, is a neurological disorder in which negative experiences (anger, flight, hatred, disgust) are triggered by specific sounds.[1] The sounds can be loud or soft.[2] The term was coined by American neuroscientists Pawel Jastreboff and Margaret Jastreboff[3] and is often used interchangeably with the term selective sound sensitivity.

People who have misophonia are most commonly angered, and even enraged, by common ambient sounds, such as other people clearing their throats, clipping their nails, brushing their teeth, chewing crushed ice, eating, slurping, drinking, breathing, sniffing, talking, sneezing, yawning, walking, chewing gum, laughing, snoring, typing on a keyboard, whistling or coughing; saying certain consonants; or repetitive sounds.[9] Some are also affected by visual stimuli, such as repetitive foot or body movements, fidgeting, or movement they observe out of the corners of their eyes; this has been termed misokinesia, meaning hatred of movement.[5] Intense anxiety and avoidant behavior may develop, which can lead to decreased socialization. Some people feel the compulsion to mimic what they hear or see.[10] Mimicry is an automatic, non-conscious, and social phenomenon. It has a palliative aspect, making the sufferer feel better. The act of mimicry can elicit compassion and empathy, which ameliorates and lessens hostility, competition, and opposition. There is also a biological basis for how mimicry reduces the suffering from a trigger.


But the mimicry thing—that’s totally true!  If Dan’s eating something and it’s driving me crazy, I grab something to eat.  Same with gum chewing–if I can snap bubbles too, I feel better.  


The thing is, I have to be VERY conscious of my *ahem* disorder.  I’ve noticed that Ethan is starting to display the same behaviors, especially with his siblings.  As a parent, I need to make sure he doesn’t turn out as crazy as I am, right?

The good thing to remember is that I’m not the only crazy one out there…..

What’s your pet peeve?

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  1. Amy says:

    In the South we park our crazy relatives on the front porch so everyone knows. No sense hiding it! J/K.

    My pet peeve is smacking gum, and throat clearing and that sound people make when they are trying to scratch their throat. Do you know what I’m talking about? I hate it. I have a coworker that clears her throat all day long. It.Kills.Me.
    Amy recently posted..Dear Jackson….My Profile

  2. carol says:

    Wow! I just learned I have a disorder! Ooohhh… the sounds of eating, making any weird and unusual noise from the mouth or body, people trying to be funny when they’re not, and this list goes on….

    My husband tries to be funny sometimes and makes such annoying noises. It can really drive me crazy. My solution. I ignore him and pretend I’m not listening. Even though inside I’m really screaming at him to STOP!
    carol recently posted..Repelling is not for me!My Profile

  3. Kat says:

    I do this too. I try really hard not to comment to my family about it because I don’t want to make them self conscious and also because my husband will chew louder if he knows it is bothering me. The sound makes me raging mad and I just need to check myself, walk away, or distract myself with a different noise. UGH…even thinking about it makes me mad. STOP CHEWING!
    Kat recently posted..Writer’s Workshop: Cupcakes All The TimeMy Profile

  4. That’s a unique peeve.
    I don’t like the sound of peoples teeth on forks when they’re eating. I don’t like that metallic sound. Gives me cringes with chills.
    I also can’t stand the sound of someone running their thumb down a comb’s teeth on the top edge. Give me the same chills and cringing thing.
    Those are my only sound peeves. I have lots of non-sound peeves–LOL.
    madamdreamweaver recently posted..Mama Kat Thursday: Something New I’m TryingMy Profile

  5. Wow, that is kind of fascinating. Who knew? I think I don’t like sounds that other people make in general – LOL!
    Lately my pet peeve is people (OK women) who leave a sopping wet mess on the sink counter in public restrooms so that when I try to use it, I end up with a wet shirt front. And poor Kidzilla – she barely reaches, so she ends up totally soaked. We have both learned to look more carefully for puddles.
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me recently posted..The Open DoorMy Profile

  6. laura says:

    Not a fan of the sound either.
    It’s such a violation to the ears, and not something that’s easy to ignore.
    laura recently posted..To All The States I’ve Loved BeforeMy Profile

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