Daddy Update

I thought I’d check in today and give you all an update on my Daddy.  🙂

Dad is doing quite well.  He has his moments of grief, as all of us do.  There’s certain triggers that bring them on, but he tells me, “I have a good cry, and then I feel better.”  That’s perfectly normal, and all part of the grieving process.

I really am proud, though, of the progress he’s made.  He goes to all his meals in the dining room, and enjoys the time he has with his friends.  On Sunday my sister and I got worried about him, because he wasn’t answering his phone after dinner.  It turns out he got to talking, and spent 2 hours in the dining room after dinner chatting!  He even spent an afternoon with his friend Jim, comforting Jim after his wife got taken to the hospital with a broken hip.  He’s a terrific friend, is well liked, and all the nurses say they wish every resident was as easy to please as my dad is.

I always thought that if my mom passed away first, my Dad would fall apart.  I worried that I’d have to move him closer to me, or that he’d just quit living and not want to go on.  That’s been far from the case.  My dad is strong, stronger than I even imagined.  The past month and a half has been rough, no doubt.  He is determined, though, that we are all going to make it through this.

The biggest factor in his healing?  Dad’s faith.  He has clung to the Savior since Mom’s death, holding on to the promise of the resurrection and the fact that the two of them will someday be reunited in Heaven.  What a wonderful promise that is!  I don’t know where any of us would be today without that faith.  Dad faithfully attends church services every Sunday (a good friend picks him up) and he also attends the services at his residence every Wednesday.  He’s deeply rooted in the Word, and that gives him the strength I see and hear in him.

I call Dad every evening, and we enjoy recapping our days together.  He loves to hear how the kids’ school days went, and gives me a run down of what he ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I hear about his friends, who is in the hospital and who got a new scooter.  (Dad’s getting his own scooter soon, too–he’s so excited!)  He looks forward to my calls, and my two sisters call him every day also.  He’s so very proud to have ALL THREE of his daughters call him every night.  Those phone calls are as much a blessing to me as they are to him!

So, yeah.  Daddy’s doing well.  We’re getting through this, day by day.  Thanks be to God!

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