He has a plan

We moved here four years ago.  On the second day we were  here, my parents and I drove around our tiny little town searching for the post office.  I walked into the library to ask for directions.  On my way out of the library, I saw a book I had been wanting to read.  I turned around, got a library card, and checked out the book, right there on the spot.

That summer was a hard, lonely summer.  It would have even harder if I hadn’t had the library.  We took many walks there, and joined up with the summer reading program.  During that reading program, I met some fellow moms, and found out they also had children at our church school.  By that fall, I would be carpooling with those moms.

I quickly grew an attachment to our little library.  Through those same carpooling mom friends, I found out about a Wednesday drop-in playtime, and began bringing Emma and Zach.  I enjoyed that time with my fellow moms, and we all looked forward to it every week.  We participated in the summer reading program, and I even became the treasurer of the Friends of the Library board.

As Emma began preschool, I started thinking about what I’d do when she started full time Kindergarten.  I remember telling some friends, “It’s my dream to work at the library, and be their children’s librarian.  I would love to do story times and the drop-in playtime.”  I even talked to the director, Trinitie, and asked her to keep me in mind if any positions ever opened up.  She asked me a few months later to take on the webmaster duties for the library website.  I was thrilled.

Last summer, I started working at the daycare.  I was excited, and had dreams of teaching, and even thought of opening my own daycare center.  I still thought about working at the library, but really thought that teaching was where my life was leading me.  Then in April, Trinitie asked me to put an ad up on the website about a job opening.

At the library.

My library.

The position?  Children’s librarian.  You see where I’m going there?  I decided to go for it, and applied.  I didn’t know if I’d get it.  I just thought I’d try.

Deep down, I wanted it.  I prayed for it.  I planned for it.  I wanted that job.

You know the end.  I got the job.  I started last week.  Last Friday, Dan and I were sitting at lunch, and I looked at him and asked, “Hey–remember when I said my dream was to work at the library as a children’s librarian?  Am I off base thinking that was God planting a seed?  Was that His plan all along?”  Dan’s answer:  “No.  You’re not off base, I think you’re absolutely right.”

Looking back on it, I can clearly see the path God led me along.  As I was learning the job on my first day last week, it just felt so natural.  I fit in so perfectly, and I absolutely love what I do.  I can hardly wait to get started on story times.  I have SO MANY ideas on programs I want to implement and ideas for the drop-in playtime room.  I don’t know how many times I’ve said to Trinitie, “I’M SO EXCITED!”

Through all of this, it’s clear to me, that God has been working in me.  He’s been here, from the first time I stepped into the library, to the moment Trinitie asked me to put the job notice on the website.  God had a plan for me.  And He still does.  I can hardly wait to see what’s in store next.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 
Jeremiah 29:11 

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3 Responses to He has a plan

  1. Wade's World says:

    I love it when God has a plan far bigger than we can ever dream of. So happy for you and your new job! Be praying for one to open up for me!

  2. Jenney says:

    It is so fun to see God working in your life. Thanks for sharing this. I’d love to work in a library someday too!!

  3. CM says:

    Oh wow, congrats! How exciting. I wish you could be our children’s librarian! The lady at our library who reads on Saturdays doesn’t really seemed that thrilled to be there….shhh, I didn’t really say that! 😉

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