If I could tell my teenage self…

  • High school boys?  Fughett about ’em.  Sure, it’s fun to have someone to hang out with.  But there will be no long-lasting love in high school.  High school romances that turn into marriages are a dime a dozen.  Enjoy your friendships with other guys, but know that your soul mate is out there waiting for you.  And he’ll love you as much as you deserve.
  • YOU ARE NOT FAT.  You’re not!  Someday, after three children, you’ll look back and realize how skinny you actually were.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  Have confidence in yourself, and listen to your father- a smile takes you a long way.  You don’t need frumpy old lady clothes, you don’t need to wear a second-hand used-to-be-a-bridesmaid-dress-now-a-prom-dress.  Find clothes you feel beautiful in, and you WILL be beautiful.
  • Speaking of beautiful, don’t cut your hair short.  Don’t let Mom talk you into that old lady perm.   You’ll regret it.  I promise. In general, perms are NOT  a good idea, but especially when your hair is short. You know, come to think of it, taking mom’s advice in anything hair related is generally not a good idea.  Ask for your young, hip stylist’s advice.  AND LISTEN TO IT.
  • Don’t be embarrassed about being a church organist.  In fact, when you get to college, take some organ classes. When you get to college, playing organ will be cool.  I promise.
  • Spend more time with your Grandma.  There’s so many lessons to be learned from her.  Watch her cook, and ask her how she makes things.  You live right next door to her–enjoy that.  It doesn’t matter if you are chatting every minute…even if you’re just working in the kitchen, side by side, cherish those moments.
  • HAVE FUN.  Go to football games.  Drag your friends to the dances.  Have parties at your house.  Go out on a limb, and invite people you don’t think will come.  Even the guys.  You’ll be surprised–you’re more popular than you think.  Don’t be an adult before you absolutely have to be- enjoy being young.
Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it?  What would you tell your teenage self?
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13 Responses to If I could tell my teenage self…

  1. Amen to that! I was one of those girls who had a high school romance turned marriage. After 5 kids and 15 years later, it ended! I agree, with all things you said. Great wisdom, great advice. All the young kids should read this. Great post. By the way… life is good NOW!

    • Essie says:

      So glad to hear life is good now. Funny how those choices we made as teenagers shape the adults that we are today. Thanks for reading!

  2. I’d like to ditto each & everyone of your little pep comments you listed. What I wouldn’t have given to hear these things, but…the real thing is, would I have listened? You know how teenagers are always wanting to learn things the hard way. lol Good post!

    • Essie says:

      LOL, I doubt I would have listened either. My mother tried telling me over and over how beautiful I was…but…yeah. Thanks for reading!

  3. I’m with you. Have fun. I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time worrying about stuff that was so silly but I thought was so important. And I’d love to spend an afternoon with my grandmother again.
    Jamie@southmainmuse recently posted..Being left in the dorm. What I would tell myself.My Profile

  4. Sarah Rae says:

    If I had the foresight to actually take heed to your opening sentence I would’ve saved myself a lot of trouble in high school.
    Sarah Rae recently posted..If I Could Tell My Teenage Self…My Profile

  5. I can’t decide if I should laugh hysterically at myself or cry… I had the old lady perm in middle school…and the super short spiky cut in high school! Ugh! That cut, however, was the result of Sun-In and a very misinformed hair stylist. A story for another time.

    The Meaning of Me recently posted..Can’t Touch This…My Profile

  6. hilljean says:

    I did this prompt too and I told myself to get a pair of decent jeans. I wish I would have known what clothes looked good on my body at that age. It would have given me such a better body image.
    hilljean recently posted..What I Would Say To My Teenage SelfMy Profile

    • Essie says:

      I know exactly what you mean! I don’t know how many oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts I had…SO not flattering! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Dakotapam says:

    I hear you! And ugh, the ill fitting clothes I wore! And the hair! Great post!
    Dakotapam recently posted..Mission Possible: + GiveawayMy Profile

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