I like my body just the way it is.

Oh, Kim Kardashian.  How I wish you’d disappear.

As if it isn’t hard enough to be a woman these days, with all the images of “the most beautiful people” and “how to lose 20 pounds” and “you can get a face lift right in the office!”  Another woman has to go and pose naked, for God and all to see.

You know what my thought is?  That’s not even her body.  That’s photo shopped.  It’s NOT real.

What IS real is my body.  My curves.  My round belly, where three children each lived.  My c-section scars.  My stretch marks.  The body my children like to snuggle and my husband likes to “snuggle” even more.  The body that God has given me.

Am I overweight?  Yes.  Could I do something about it?  Yes.  Am I happy just the way I am?  YES.

Read this article, ladies.  Read it to yourself, your friends, your daughters.  Click here now.

God made me the way I am.  I’m way happier this way than Kim Kardashian will ever be.


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