Mom overwhelmed

Recently I added hours at work.  Instead of working 20 hours a week, I’m now working 29.  That’s one hour away from full time- 11-7 on Monday and 8-3 on Tuesday-Thursday.  That makes for a busy week, adding kids, activities, homework, etc., etc.

Saturdays are usually reserved for grocery shopping, which we did yesterday.  We got home and I was tired.  I put away the groceries and I was very tired.  I sat down in my chair, looked at the mess around me, and started to cry.

Have you ever heard this?

That’s how I felt Saturday night.  Like a huge mess of laundry and Barbies and Legos and dirty dishes were going to strangle me in my sleep.  I was frustrated, because I felt like I was doing everything around the house, plus making the meals, packing the backpacks, PLUS working my almost full time job.

That’s enough to get any mom overwhelmed.

So I called a family meeting.  I let everyone know that from now on, this house is going to be a group effort.  When the kids come home from school every day, they do chores and homework BEFORE any play or screen time.  If someone *ahem* Dan *ahem* has dirty dishes, they go in the dishwasher.  If the dishwasher is full, it gets run.  If it’s clean, it gets emptied.  If your laundry bin is full, take it to the laundry room.  Everyone has to pitch in, and everyone has to help.

I started enforcing this rule after church yesterday.  I like to start the week with a fairly clean house, so Sundays are usually spent straightening/cleaning and doing laundry.  This time, everyone pitched in.  Ethan vacuumed the hallway and got laundry downstairs.  Zach cleaned the boys’ room.  Emma worked on her room, and when Zach finished his room, he helped Emma with hers.  We cleaned the family room together.  Both boys did their homework.  And it only took us about an hour and a half, and the rest of the afternoon was theirs.

And I got a nap.  SCORE!

Here’s my advice for you, moms–you don’t have to do everything yourself.  Everyone can (and should) pitch in.  As I told my kids last night, moms should have a chance to be happy and fun, and not have to be crabby all the time because of all the work they’re doing by themselves.

Being part of a family means pitching in and doing your part!

How does your family help around the house?

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  1. Amy says:

    Right there with you! I’ve gotten stuck doing the lion’s share of the housework, and I, like you, have had enough. I work 40 hours a week, and I’ve not insisted that Jackson is the one cleaning his room, helping fold clothes, putting them away, and making his bed. Jeremy does help with household chores, but I’m always the one planning and cooking meals which gets very old. I’m about to put a “Daddy” night in place where he is responsible for planning and cooking the meal. It’s time to spread the joy! Sounds like your plan will really help you. Mom’s shouldn’t be the only one getting to do all the fun stuff, right?!?
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