Not babysitting

It’s funny, sometimes, when I tell people that I work in a daycare.  I hear, “Oh, you babysit,” a lot of the time.  
Yeah.  No.  So much more.  
I have always had a special heart for working in daycare.  I really think that’s what God put me on earth to do.  I worked in daycare all four years of college, and worked in daycare while Dan was at the seminary.  And now.  
Before I was a parent myself, and also when I was a young mother, I had a general disdain for working mothers.  It was my thought that the mother’s place is in the home.  But as I grew as a mom and matured as an adult as well, I realized that being a stay-at-home mom is not for everyone.  And it’s also not always possible in some households.  Enter daycare.
What an honor we have, working in daycare, caring for these children every day.  I take it seriously, and it is so much more than just babysitting.  Yes, I wipe butts and noses.  I give bottles, feed lunches, put little ones down for naps.  But I also read stories.  I sing songs and practice ABCs.  I talk about shapes and numbers.  I develop fine motor skills through art projects.  I give sensory experiences and opportunities for large motor play.  I teach.
I teach, and I love, and I care for.  I do this for the parents that are working hard to provide for their own families.  My most sincere hope is that I give the parents some sense of comfort, that while they can’t be with the children they love so dear, the children are being loved just the same.
It’s so much more than babysitting.
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5 Responses to Not babysitting

  1. Susan says:

    Oh Esther, Esther, Esther… you don’t work in a day care… if you did, all you would be doing would be taking care of DAYS… you care for children… so you work in child care. A day care is is a bad place for children. A child care provides quality care and education for the children and families who are in the program. You are an early childhood education professional.
    From… your loving cousin (the early childhood education professor 🙂

  2. Wade's World says:

    I loved working as a preschool teacher. Hands down one of the most fun and rewarding jobs I’ve ever had! From one working outside the home mama to one child care professional, thanks for all that you do. It does make all the difference in the world!

  3. Laanykidsmom says:

    If everyone had a child care provider like you, the world would be a better place! 🙂

  4. Jenney says:

    I hear you! Babysitting is two to four hours at someone’s home while they step out. Day in day out care for a child is so much more. My daycare kids are treated like my own. We go to the library, parks, do art projects, learn school basics, and they even pitch in some with household chores. They are FAMILY. I bet you are a great provider!

  5. CM says:

    Good for you! From a working mom’s perspective, we need more people like you! I’m glad you enjoy it and have such a heart for kids.

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