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So….how are you enjoying Mom’s Night Out?  Poor Allyson just can’t seem to get herself a nice night out, right?  We’ve all had those times when nothing seems to go right.  

And when you DO get to go out, how hard is it to switch off the “Mom” button?  Pretty hard when you’re riding in a minivan with the radio blaring out Elmo…

She pounded the dashboard over and over again, but it didn’t help. It didn’t stop. Allyson felt invaded . . . by Elmo. Could she ever leave her role as mommy behind, for even one night?

Once you’re a mom, it’s hard to let that go.  You have to squelch the urge to ask your friends if they have to go potty before the movie.  You have to refrain from cutting your husbands’ meat or ordering the chicken fingers.  Sometimes it feels like you’re losing an uphill battle.  So far, that is the very same battle Allyson is fighting.

How about you?  Do you ever have trouble leaving your mommy role behind?

See you next week for chapters 9-12, and be sure to stop at to join in on Pam’s discussion!

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  1. Dakotapam says:

    It has gotten a little better. . .maybe because the kids are older. Maybe it is because I work outside the home now and get a lot more time that is mine, and accomplishments that are not kid centered. It is so easy to feel like “just a mom” some days. . .but we are WAY more than that!
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