Welcome, Jeffrey.

On Sunday we were enjoying some family time outside, and Emma was riding her bike.  She stopped in the yard and started yelling, 


And she picked that little frog up and promptly named him Jeffrey.

Since he had a name I was resigned to the fact that Jeffrey would now be living with us. I headed inside the house to find one of our old fish aquariums and sent my friend Emily this text:

Emma just caught a frog.  What do we feed it?

Emily keeps frogs in her classroom so I knew she would know the answer.  As Dan prepared the habitat for Jeffrey I sent Emily another text: 

His name is Jeffrey and he’s going to live with us FOREVER.

Emma was so darn excited about this frog.  She was, in fact, clutching him in her little hands.  Poor Jeffrey.  

And then we had a health scare.

It’s possible that Jeffrey may have already passed on.

Yes, indeed, it looked like Jeffrey’s short life got even shorter.  Dan wiggled his legs and Jeffrey looked like he was gone.  For Emma’s sake, Dan placed him in the aquarium.

And then!  A miracle!


Poor Jeffrey had been playing dead.  Now Jeffrey is living in an aquarium in Emma’s room, and he is adored.  He is the most loved frog in all the land.  He eats worms and crickets.  

I hope Jeffrey is happy with us.  Emma sure is happy with him.

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  1. Karrie says:

    Neat story. Emma is looking a lot like Ethan in those pictures.

    Shep had a little frog 7 or 8 years ago that died in the aquarium. At the time we told him we released it. About a year ago the frog came up in conversation. Without thinking or remembering, I made the comment that it had died. Shep immediately said, “No, it didn’t because you released it.” Oh, yeah, right.vSeems like my kids remember the stuff I don’t want them to, and don’t remember the stuff I want them to. :)

    • Essie says:

      Jeffrey is still living in the aquarium in Emma’s room. I was hoping he’d “croak” (pun so intended) after the first week but he prevails. Finally broke down and bought crickets yesterday, which Daddy feeds him and he LOVES. Cats are so much more cuddly…

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